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Realities, Revelations, and Recovery:

Surviving and Thriving Through 2020

Join the Social Development Commission and our community partners for the 2021 Summit on Poverty. Due to COVID-19, we will offer virtual and (limited) in-person options for attendees. Every year, we take a look at poverty from different perspectives. We explore new ways to knock down the four barriers that keep people in poverty: Trauma, Cognitive Dissonance, Ism’s, and Policy & Systems.

2020 showed us, like never before, how these barriers impact life and contribute to social injustice, health disparities, and economic inequality that many will continue to experience for years to come.

Let’s continue to disrupt the status quo.

We need your ideas. We need your solutions.

We look forward to seeing you this year for another transformative summit.

The Social Development Commission is offering a scholarship to anyone who is facing financial hardship to cover the cost of registration for the 2021 Summit on Poverty. If you want to attend virtually or in-person but have a financial need, apply the discount code FREE to your registration.

The scholarship is based on good faith that all who apply are truly in need of financial assistance to attend the conference.